Frequently Asked Questions

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What does removable mean?
Removable means the pole is not permanent (installation does not require holes/bolts in your floor and ceiling) and is detachable and portable. Platinum Stages removable dance poles can be easily assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes, leaving behind no damage to your floor or ceiling. Our removable poles have no springs, hooks or screws.
What holds the pole in place?
This depends on which Platinum Stages dancer pole you have purchased. Our pressure mounted removable dance poles use the same kind of mounting as a car jack. This keeps the top and bottom plates of the pole pushed snug to the ceiling and floor giving you unmatched stability for your pole tricks and fitness routines. We also offer semi-removable and permanent fitness poles that bolt into your floor and ceiling.
What if my ceiling height is less than 8 feet?
Platinum Stages Extreme Super Poles can accommodate any ceiling height up to 12 feet. Right out of the box this pole fits ceilings from 7’9″ to 9’9″. An optional extension piece is available for any other ceiling height under 7’9″ or up to 12′. All of our one piece or permanent poles are custom cut to fit your ceilings. If you have questions about measuring your ceiling please contact us.
Can I use your poles on hardwood or tiled floors?
Yes, you can use the Platinum Stages removable dance poles on any surface, even carpet. Each floor plate has a special rubber, compression-beaded surface that grips and protects your floor surface.
Do I need to consult a certified housing repairman for installation help?
No, that is not necessary. Using the easy to follow instructions that come with your Platinum Stages pole should only take a few minutes. If you have a vaulted ceiling you will need to purchase and install the vaulted ceiling adapter with 2 to 4 screw. Any permanent mounting hardware needs to be mounted into a stud or ceiling joist which requires a stud detector.
My Platinum Stages Pole is too long/short. What do I do?
If you have the Extreme Super Pole you can purchase a 24″ extension to allow your pole to range anywhere up to 12′. If you currently have a One Piece pole, you can contact us to have your pole cut down to the proper height. The modification is free but you will need to pay to ship the pole back to us. Before ordering a custom cut pole make sure your ceiling measurements are exact and if you have any questions always contact us. Please do not attempt to modify the pole yourself!
How much room should I allow around my pole?
You should clear all obstacles within a 4 foot radius from your dance pole, depending on your height.

Tip: Hold the pole with one hand and extend out with your other hand. Do a complete rotation around the pole to make sure all obstacles are out of reach. 

My pole is starting to look dirty. How do I clean it?
For Platinum Stages stainless steel poles, you can use any household cleaner such as Windex or glass cleaner. Alcohol is best for disinfecting your stainless steel pole. Our genuine brass dancer poles should only be cleaned using a brass specific metal polish. We recommend Brasso for your brass pole, which is available at most grocery or hardware stores.
How is my order shipped?
Shipments are sent out in the sequence the order was placed, unless expedited shipping is requested. Upon placing your order you will receive an invoice in your email that includes your order number. Once your order ships, a tracking number will be sent to your email as well. When inquiring about your order status, please have your order number ready.
Where are my locking pins?
Locking pins come in a 1″ x 2″ plastic zip lock bag. Upon receipt of your shipment, make sure to look through all the packing peanuts before discarding.

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to give us a call.