How to Choose a Pole!

How to Choose a Pole!

November 02, 2018

Purchasing a pole can be hard. There are so many customizable options, it can become overwhelming. Here is Platinum Stages’ guide to choosing the right pole for you!

Step 1: Removable vs. Permanent vs. Stage

Assess the purpose of your pole. Is it for your home? A club? A dance studio? Maybe you are in need of a pole for performances and parties!

  • Removable poles are great for home use. These poles are super simple to set up and take down and leave zero damage!
  • Permanent poles are recommended for clubs and studios. High traffic poles should be reinforced into the floor and ceiling.
  • Free standing stage poles are perfect for performances and events. A stage pole gives you the option to set up a pole wherever there is flat ground. Our stage is 1 foot off the ground and has options to add LED lights to give the performer their spotlight!

Step 2: 40 vs. 45 vs. 50 MM

Poles come in a variety of diameters. 40 MM is equivalent to 1.5 inches, 45 MM is equivalent to 1.75 inches, and 50 MM is equivalent to 2 inches.

  • 40 MM is our sleekest pole yet! This pole thickness works well for small hands. Please keep in mind with this smaller surface area, leg hangs and sits can be more challenging.
  • 45 MM is our most popular pole size. We have found 45 MM to be the perfect in-between size. It is just narrow enough to firmly grip while providing a comfortable surface area for leg work.
  • 50 MM is our classic pole thickness. This wide surface area is great for leg work. 50 MM poles are more common in clubs.

Step 3: Stainless Steel vs. Brass

Our poles come in two finishes – stainless steel and brass. When choosing your pole’s finish, keep in mind the differences in look and feel.

  • Stainless steel has regular grip and is a great option for dancers with sensitive skin. These poles are high polished and have a shining silver finish.
  • Brass has an enhanced grip and works well for dancers with sweaty hands. This is a delicate, porous metal that can tarnish if not cared for properly. The eye-catching gold look of this pole tends to be popular in clubs!

Step 4: Spin vs. Stationary

Our permanent poles can either have BOTH spin and stationary option -OR- Stationary only function. Removable poles and stage poles always have BOTH spin and stationary option. When deciding if you will need the spin option for permanent poles, consider who is using the poles. Clubs and studios typically like having both options. Party buses are better candidates for stationary only poles.

Step 5: Consider your ceiling height

Our removable poles – and any tension mounted pole- cannot reach ceiling heights taller than 12 feet. If you’re space is taller than 12 feet you will either need a permanent pole, a stage pole, or drill wood shims onto your ceiling to meet the 12 feet requirement.