The X-Stage Lite is very stable and has all the same features as the X-Stage Standard except its base frame is only 4 inches off the ground increasing the amount of workable pole to 9ft 8in! The X-Stage Lite has carrying cases for the pole, plates, and base frame. The base frame case comes with wheels so transporting your X-Stage has never been easier. For extra stability you can extend the legs and add weight plates to the posts on the frame.

Once assembled, both X-Stage units stands at 10 feet. You will need a 10.5ft clearance to assemble.
Additional extensions can be purchased separately for lower ceiling heights. 
Simply replace the top B pole with one of the following extensions below (contact the office to purchase additional extensions) :

  • Use 1000mm extension for ceiling heights 8’9″ – 9’1″ 

  • Use 750mm extension for ceiling heights 7’11” – 8’9″

  • Use 500mm extension for ceiling heights 7’1″ – 7’11”


  • Spinning/Static Option – included at no extra cost

  • Stability – extremely stable, most moves can be done without extra weight

  • Adjustable Feet – to reduce movement on uneven floors

  • Silicone Base Pads – to prevent the stage from sliding and to protect the floor from damage

  • Weight trays available to add extra weights to the stage base for even more stability

  • Please note X-STAGE and X-STAGE Lite no longer come with extendable legs, as these have been replaced by stabilization pieces. Also, base carry case handle is now built into the frame.